As students head back to the classroom, we wanted to welcome them back with fun activities that can be used during recess and free-time. We worked with Peabody teachers and faculty to explore what activities would be beneficial for the students as they re-enter their classrooms. With spring and summer approaching, we focused on activities that can be used outside.

We purchased hundreds of kickballs, hacky sacks, hula-hoops, chalk, jump ropes, bubbles and frisbees for each of the elementary schools in Peabody. The bins were loaded onto buses last week and dropped off at each of the schools. We purchased individual resources for each student in an effort to follow health and safety guidelines.  We hope students have fun with their new activities as they adjust back to their classrooms!

Our foundation has been working hard to provide any resource we can to help our Peabody teachers and students during these challenging times. Some of our efforts include our Virtual Guest Reader program, Home School Kits and the arts-based YAMA program.

Earlier this year, we started our Help Us Help Our Kids initiative where we are collecting funds from the community to help ease the financial burden currently faced by the Peabody school department. Click below to read more about our initiative or to donate to our cause!