In its on-going efforts to provide resources to the Peabody schools through its Mental Wellness Initiative, the Peabody Education Foundation is pleased to announce that the “Kids Kindness Club” will be coming to all elementary schools beginning this fall! The Program is part of Connor’s Kindness Project, a nonprofit out of Lynnfield that was started by student Connor Wright during the pandemic to remind us that there is good in the world even at times when we are faced with conflicts and challenges. The ongoing goal is to help others while also spreading positivity, one act of kindness at a time.

The “Kids Kindness Club” is a way to bring kindness to elementary aged school children and lead students on their way to helping others with small acts of kindness and familiarize them with community service. The program is designed to bring comfort, support and kindness to children in various challenging situations. By providing them with educational resources and opportunities to engage in acts of kindness, the program aims to make a positive impact in their lives.

Following an introductory assembly at each Peabody elementary school led by a Team CKP Kindness Teacher, members of the Kindness Club will receive a list of kindness challenges that include tasks such as writing a thank you note or completing an act of service without being asked. These challenges are designed to be fun and easy to complete, while also promoting empathy, kindness, and social awareness in children.

Every student will take a pledge of kindness and receive a membership certificate once they complete 20 acts of kindness from a list provided by Connor’s Kindness Project, as well as a Kindness is My Superpower sticker.

The Mental Wellness Initiative is sponsored by the Peabody Education Foundation, Lyon-Waugh Auto Group, North Shore Bank, the JB Thomas-Lahey Foundation, and the GraVoc Charitable Foundation. The PEF launched the Initiative several years ago to benefit students, teachers and parents, providing reading materials, motivational speakers, and other resources to help the Peabody schools deal with the mental health issues that have escalated during the past few years due to COVID, as well as those issues that continue to challenge our schools every day.

More information regarding the Mental Wellness Initiative can be found on the Peabody Education Foundation website: 

Anyone interested in contributing to this Initiative can do so by visiting

For more information, please contact David Gravel, President and Chairman of the Peabody Education Foundation, at 978-538-9055 x114.