The Cara E. Murtagh Memorial Scholarship

The Cara E. Murtagh Memorial Scholarship is provided by our foundation to honor our dear friend Cara’s memory. On a yearly basis, we will be awarding a PVMHS senior with a scholarship to help with their college education. Cara was an active member of our foundation where she spearheaded many of our programs and events. After Cara’s passing, the Murtagh family had generously asked that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Peabody Education Foundation. Donations and messages came in from across the country attesting to the love and admiration so many shared for her. Through this scholarship, we hope to preserve Cara’s dedication and commitment to the education of the school children of Peabody for years to come.

The Cara E. Murtagh Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a PVMHS Senior who:

Is interested in the field of Education

Is engaged in the community

Possesses a strong work ethic

Has achieved good academic standing

Demonstrates excellent preparation & organizational skills

Is self-motivated

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Applicants for this scholarship must be interested in the field of Education. This scholarship will be awarded to a Peabody High School Senior who possesses a strong work ethic, demonstrates excellent preparation and organizational skills, is engaged in the community, has achieved good academic standing and is self-motivated. Please use the online form below to submit your application!

Students selected to interview with the Scholarship Committee will be contacted to schedule a date and time in May. Students will receive notification by mail if they have not been selected for an interview. Scholarship will be awarded directly to the recipient upon receipt of a PAID tuition bill or payment plan accepted by the school.


Friday, April 12th, 2024



Application Checklist:
  • Applicant is a member of the PVMHS 2024 graduating class who is planning to major in the field of education.
  • Each candidate will be required to submit a 250–350-word essay explaining the “importance of education and how it impacts your life”.
  • Each candidate will submit a letter of recommendation from a high school teacher.
  • Applicant submits academic transcript.
  • Applicant submits a list of community service programs or organizations they are involved with, including dates of service.

The deadline has now passed, thank you to everyone who has submitted an application! Our committee is currently reviewing applications and will make a selection shortly, please check back!

Congratulations to our 2023 Recipient Winners, Sydney Campbell & Siobhan Smith!

On Tuesday, May 23, 2023, David Gravel, President & Chairman of the Board, joined with Peabody Education Foundation members, Mrs. Carol Murtagh, Kim Murtagh, and Mr. & Mrs. Donald Johnson of the Splaine Family Trust, to present Sydney Campbell and Siobhan Smith with the 2023 Cara E. Murtagh Memorial Scholarship. The PEF selected Sydney and Siobhan as a result of their tenacity and devotion to pursuing a career in education.

Siobhan feels that “education plays a crucial role in societal development and is essential for creating an informed and engaged society. It empowers individuals to participate in the democratic process, advocate for their rights, and contribute to their communities. Education promotes social mobility and reduces inequality by providing opportunities for individuals to break free from poverty and achieve their full potential.” Sydney believes that having an understanding teacher is essential for foresting a comfortable and safe school experience. “Children should feel safe and welcomed wherever they go. I want to become a teacher that children look up to and think of me as someone they can trust. Education is important when you are young because it is the steppingstone to their future.”

The PEF established this scholarship to honor Cara’s memory, her dedication and commitment to education, and her love for the school children of Peabody. She will always be remembered for her kind and loving personality, her enthusiasm, flawless attention to detail, and her ability to develop strong relationships with students, teachers, parents, and administrators. While the PEF gives out one scholarship a year, this year, through the generosity of the Splaine Family Trust, we were thrilled to be able to offer a second scholarship. Donald Johnson, Sr., Trustee of the Splaine Family Trust, stated he is thrilled to assist these young ladies in furthering their academic career and commended them for striving to develop their full potential and furthering the legacy of Cara Murtagh.

Sydney and Siobhan both demonstrate their resolve to better the lives of future generations in their daily work. They will respect their students, regardless of their age and skill, and make them feel special, important, and unique,” stated David Gravel. “They both possess a passion for teaching and working with children which personifies the life of Cara Murtagh.

“Dream Big, Never Give Up, Do Your Best, Set a Good Example and Have a Generous Heart.”

2022 Recipient Winner, Gabriella Drinkwater!

2021 Recipient Winner, Paulina Straticos!

2020 Recipient Winner, Kassidy Butt!

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