The PEF funded bracelets for an initiative by members of the Peabody School Safety Task Force’s Student Education subcommittee – Maria Champigny and Harolyn Fucile – to encourage our elementary students to learn and participate in school safety as they prepare to enter middle school.

Maria, School Adjustment Counselor, and Harolyn, Assistant Principal at West Memorial Elementary School, decided to hold a contest asking our fifth graders to come up with a hashtag that would be connected to all the task force’s initiatives and committees. They planned to distribute rubber bracelets to the students, engraved with the winning hashtag, to remind them to stay safe and view safety as important and cool. Maria and Harolyn reached out to the PEF for assistance with funding the bracelets.

We were beyond thrilled to support the task force’s awesome city-wide initiative to connect with our students and promote school safety. With funding from the PEF, Maria and Harolyn were able to purchase bracelets for students and encourage participation in the hashtag contest!

Based on anonymous voting by the Student Education committee, Meghan Foley from McCarthy Elementary School was picked as the winner of the contest. Her hashtag ‘#safeandstrong’ was chosen as it embodies and demonstrates safety as it relates to people, traffic, buses and includes anti-bullying.

The PEF is so proud of Meghan and thrilled to be able to support efforts such as this hashtag contest to educate our students about important and meaningful issues like safety.

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