2020 was a year filled with uncertainty as the Covid-19 pandemic swept the globe disrupting everything in its path. In December, we started an initiative to raise funds to ‘Help Us Help Our Kids‘ where we aim to work with school administrators, teachers, and parents to find ways we can make an impact on our children’s lives during this unprecedented time.

As we were collecting funds for our initiative, we received a message from Mary Kaye Leonard, Director of The Carole Remick Charitable Foundation, requesting more information about our foundation and our initiative. The Carole Remick Charitable Foundation is a non-profit foundation located in Marblehead, MA and provides funding for educational opportunities that enrich the intellectual curiosity, increase confidence and connect students with limited resources in New England to life experiences and opportunities for future growth. The mission of their foundation is to support and fund non profit 501(C)(3) organizations, like the Peabody Education Foundation, that provide educational opportunities for students in areas of journalism, literacy, science, arts and religion.

The foundation was named after Carole Remick who spent her life educating young minds in high school and college. Her career focus was in teaching English and journalism and helping students thrive in their educational environments. Carole was a long time neighbor and friend of Mary Kaye Leonard and she entrusted Mary Kaye and her husband John to carry out her wishes and start a 501(C)(3) foundation in her name. The foundation was started in 2011 after Carole passed away and is still going strong today.

After speaking with members from our foundation, Mary Kaye informed us that our programs and initiative are the exact resources that the Carole Remick Charitable Foundation set out to fund. They have generously made a year-end donation of $4,000 to help our foundation and our initiative.  Mary Kaye mentioned how Carole would be pleased to help our cause and we are honored to be able to carry on her mission.

We want to take a moment to thank Mary Kaye and John Leonard and the entire team at The Carole Remick Foundation for their generous support to our foundation and our Help Us Help Our Kids initiative. 100% of their donation will be going directly to our Peabody Public schools to carry on both the Peabody Education Foundation and The Carole Remick Foundation missions of supporting and enriching the education of our students.

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