On September 27th, 2022, Warren Waugh, Owner of Lyon-Waugh Auto Group, presented David Gravel, President and Chairman of the Peabody Education Foundation (PEF), and members of our foundation with a $50,000 donation to continue his support of our unique programs and events. 100% of his donation will be used to support Peabody’s students and teachers as the PEF continues to provide our public-schools with advanced technology and effective resources.

This donation comes after years of previous funding from Warren Waugh and Lyon-Waugh Auto Group. Since 2017, Warren has pledged multi-year commitments to help fund hundreds of programs that otherwise might not have been funded. Most recently, in September of 2021, we were thrilled when Warren recommitted to another multi-year donation, which led to this most recent check presentation.  This type of impact donation makes a considerable difference to the children in our community.

“With the help of the Lyon-Waugh Auto Group, we are working together to help our children by continuing to offer programs that encourage creativity and inspiration and guide them as they develop into successful citizens and leaders,” stated David Gravel.  “The success of The Peabody Education Foundation’s mission relies solely on the generosity and dedication of community partners such as Warren Waugh and the Lyon-Waugh Auto Group and we are deeply grateful for their dedication to our success.”

Pictured left to right: Mary Bellavance (PEF), Kristine Bruno (PEF), Warren Waugh (Lyon-Waugh Auto Group), Daniel Vassallo (PEF), David Gravel (PEF), Dr. Josh Vadala (PEF), Katrina Vassallo (PEF)

The Peabody Education Foundation provides unique programs and advanced technology to thousands of students who might otherwise not enjoy such experiences due to budget constraints. Our programs are intended to benefit and guide children as they develop into successful citizens and leaders. With the support of the community, like Lyon-Waugh Auto Group, we are able to continue offering programs to encourage creativity and inspiration in Peabody’s students.

If you would like to make a donation to help fund our programs, please click below to visit our donation page. 100% of all donations raised go directly to our Peabody students and teachers!