Members of the J.B. Thomas-Lahey Foundation, recently met with representatives of the Peabody Education Foundation (PEF) to present them with a $10,000 grant in support of the newly established “Mental Wellness Initiative” to benefit Peabody students, teachers, and parents.

Peabody Education Foundation President & Chairman, David Gravel stated, “The Covid-19 Pandemic has had a profound impact on people’s health, ability to learn, work, and live. The most important challenge we face today, is how to adapt our educational system to address the mental health issues that have escalated during the past two years.” He continued, “The Peabody Education Foundation’s Mental Wellness Initiative would not be possible without the support of Community Partners like The J.B. Thomas-Lahey Foundation, and we are thankful for their commitment and generous support of our mission.

The J.B. Thomas-Lahey Foundation funds programs that support the health care needs of residents of Peabody, Massachusetts, and surrounding communities. The Foundation was created through the generosity of Josiah B. Thomas and Louis Marques. Thomas was a prominent citizen of Peabody. In 1898, he left $50,000 in his will to create a hospital in the town. Marques, who was later born at that hospital, left it substantial funds decades later. The hospital grew to become Lahey Medical Center Peabody. Dr. Jeffrey L. Marx, of the J.B. Thomas-Lahey Foundation stated, “The Foundation is thrilled to support the Mental Wellness Initiative of the PEF in hopes that it will bring much needed balance and emotional support to our schools and give our students a greater sense of trust and belonging, make schools safer and increase academic achievement.” Members of The J.B. Thomas-Lahey Foundation voting to support the PEF are Jeffrey L. Marx, MD, Michelle Snyder, former Mayor Michael J. Bonfanti, former District Court Judge Ronald D’Avolio, and former City Clerk Natalie Maga.

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In the photo from left to right: Jan Menovich, J.B. Thomas-Lahey Foundation Liaison; Michelle Snyder, J.B. Thomas-Lahey Foundation; Natalie Maga, J.B. Thomas-Lahey Foundation, PEF; Mary Bellavance, PEF; Jeffrey L. Marx, M.D., J.B. Thomas-Lahey Foundation; David Gravel, President & Chairman of the Board PEF; former Mayor Michael J. Bonfanti, J.B. Thomas-Lahey Foundation; Dr. Josh Vadala, Superintendent of Peabody Public Schools, PEF; Dan Vassallo, PEF