We recently teamed up with the  Peabody Cultural Collaborative (PCC) to bring a new arts-based learning program to our elementary schools in Peabody! Young Adults of Massachusetts (YAMA) provides educational programs that educate, inspire, and empower youth through the arts.  These programs are conducted virtually to give students a field-trip like experience while they are working remote.

During the month of March, students learned about the Kathak Dance, which was led by Ms. Anjali Nath. We received positive feedback from teachers at the West Memorial School for helping to coordinate this series and we wanted to share their comments and pictures!

To the Members of the Peabody Education Foundation:

On behalf of the third grade students and staff at the West Memorial School, we would like to THANK YOU for sponsoring the cultural event that our students had the privilege of participating in, during the month of March.  Ms. Anjali Nath was an amazing performer who interacted so beautifully with our students as she educated them about the history of Kathak Dance.  The students were captivated and curious to know/learn more.
The educational landscape of the 2020-2021 school year is certainly unique.  We appreciate the thought and coordination that went into providing our students with such a wonderful opportunity for cultural enrichment!  I have attached some pictures of our third graders as they participated in this program.  We hope you enjoy seeing them interact with Ms. Anjali during her performance as much as we did!

Mrs. Harolyn Fucile, Mrs. Lisa Tivnan, Mrs. Beth Nagle and the entire third grade community at the West Memorial Elementary School