Congratulations to all of the Higgins Middle School students who participated in our 8th Annual Spelling Bee at the Northshore Mall! Grade 8 Higgins student, Sophia Valencia, is the winner of the 8th Annual Spelling Bee. This is the third year that Sophia has won the Spelling Bee. The second place winner is grade 6 student Taranpreet Singh and the third place finisher is grade 6 student Carmela Bisesti. The Bee lasted more than 2 hours and 20 rounds. It required shifting to challenge words the spellers had never seen to reduce the field from five. Congratulations to all who participated!

Special thanks to all of the volunteers who took the time to help make our event a success including, Northshore Mall, Peabody Access Telecommunications, Salem News and all of the retailers who provided something special for our spellers to take home!