If you have visited Google’s homepage today you would have noticed that they are celebrating George Peabody “the Father of modern Philanthropy”. George was born right here in Peabody and came from a poor family. He decided after working in the dry goods business he was going to enter banking.

In 1837, George moved to London where he became the most noted American banker and helped to establish the young country’s international credit. George Peabody gave most of his fortune to charity and he was awarded the Congressional Gold medal along with many other honors.

The Peabody Education Foundation honors George Peabody every year by holding our annual George Peabody Legacy Awards. The George Peabody Legacy award is awarded to educators and philanthropists from within our community who have provided a lifetime of contribution to our educational system just as George did.

We are currently seeking nominations for this honorable award. To nominate someone for the George Peabody Legacy Award please submit an application online or through mail by March 23rd.