It’s hard to believe but April is already here and the Peabody Education Foundation’s spring programs are in full swing. On Friday, April 13, students at the Peabody Veterans Memorial High School will have a chance to meet with representatives from 45 different businesses during Career Day. The event, which is a collaborative effort between the PEF and the Peabody Chamber of Commerce, gives students perspective on a wide array of professions and allows students to learn about the education and training necessary for those career paths.

Career Mentoring is another PEF program that introduces students to various occupations. High school juniors are paired with mentors from local businesses and get hands-on experience in careers that interest them. Students and their mentors meet throughout the spring so that students can observe the daily operations and gain a greater understanding of careers they might be considering.

Guest Readers have been visiting Peabody’s elementary school classrooms since January. Each week, volunteers from the community spend 20-30 minutes reading to students and sharing the pleasures of reading with the kids.

The PEF awarded 47 Best Bet grants in November, many of which went towards funding spring field trips and programs in Peabody’s schools. So far, some Peabody students have travelled to the Peabody Essex Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts, while others have had visits from mathematician Greg Tang and author Yoko Kawashima Watkins. Best Bet programs will continue through the end of the school year.

For more information on these programs, be sure to check out the “What We Do” section of our website!