PEF Members Todd Bucey and Katrina Gravel explain how the Smart Cart works
Teachers at Higgins Middle School were awed by the “Smart Cart” technology  donated by the Peabody Education Foundation (PEF) and delivered to the school on October 6 during the school’s monthly Faculty Meeting.   PEF members Katrina Gravel and Dave Gravel presented the cart and demonstrated the many presentation options included on the cart.  The specialized and lockable cart includes speakers and features: a laptop computer, LCD projector, ipod docking station and an Elmo document camera.  The first cart has been assigned to the Cullen Library; six more carts will be delivered soon to the school.  The technology was used during the meeting to share information on the school’s upcoming 2nd Annual Spelling Bee which is a PEF fundraiser.

“Smart Carts” are made possible through the PEF’s Partners in Education program that raises funds to provide technology for Peabody schools.