Career Mentoring Program

Mentoring Students

The Career Mentoring Program provides high school juniors with an up-close look at a career that interests them. Students are paired with local business people who are working in these professions. The students meet with their mentors after school or on weekends in the spring. Working side-by-side with local professionals and observing the daily operations and activities allows students to obtain firsthand knowledge of the rigors, pressures and rewards of the career they may be considering. They also gain insight from their mentors on college prerequisites, earning potential, and career advancement opportunities.

The Mentoring Program is a wonderful experience that has given many students the chance to see if they truly want to follow a specific career path. Whether tuning up an automobile, designing a project on a CAD computer station, or assisting in hospital clerical work, the experience reinforces the importance of a good education and encourages students to set goals.

Peabody Education Foundation

The Peabody Education Foundation provides unique programs and advanced technology to thousands of students and teachers who might otherwise not enjoy such experiences due to budget constraints.

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